Who's Who?

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Julianna Apodiacos '21 (Linda - Bridge Cast, Crystal - Tunnel Cast, Student Director) is a senior and is excited for you to see her final show at Xaverian. This is her second time joining the cast on stage (she played Paulette is last year's musical, Legally Blonde) and fifth time as a student director. Julianna would like to thank Mr. Randazzo, Mr. Santel, Ms. Cook, Annie and the entire cast and crew for the incredible past three years we have had together as the Dramatics company.

Sena Ates (Ensemble) is a freshman, and this is her second Xaverian Dramatics production. In her previous roles, she played School Bully #1 and the Charitable Collector in A Christmas Carol. When not on stage, Sena enjoys playing basketball and video games. She‘d like to thank Mr. Randazzo, Mr. Santel, Annie, and the whole Wedding Singer production team!

Makaylee Barbara (Holly - Tunnel Cast) is a junior at Xaverian, and is participating in her second Xaverian Dramatics production!!  Her previous theatre credits include Margot in Legally Blonde, Mayzie in Seussical the Musical, July in Annie, and Asaka in Once on this Island!! Behind the scenes, Makaylee plays on the varsity soccer team and competes in speech and debate! She would like to give a huge thanks to Mr. Santel, Mr. Randazzo, Annie, and the whole Wedding Singer production team! Enjoy the Wedding Singer!!!

Daniel Caramico '21 (Sammy) is a senior, and this is his second Xaverian Dramatics production. You may recognize him from his role as Mr. Kirby in You Can't Take it With You. When jazzin' around his house, Danny enjoys gardening, collecting gems, harassing his dog with pets, and playing games on his computer. He'd like to give a big thank you to Mr. Randazzo, Annie, Santel, and the whole Wedding Singer production team! Enjoy the show and God bless us all!

Kassidy Corey (Ensemble) is a freshman who’s first show with Xaverian Dramatics was A Christmas Carol as Belinda Cractchit. She is very excited to be performing on stage as a Clipper for the first time in The Wedding Singer. Previously, Kassidy has been in six productions with the David Villamarin Theatre Camp, danced for eleven years, and performed at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, and Carnegie Hall with Camp Broadway. In addition to being part of the cast, Kassidy is also on Stage Crew and the Speech and Debate team. Kassidy would like to thank Mr. Randazzo, Mr. Santel, and Annie for their kindness and expertise along with everyone else who helped in creating this special production!

Alexandra D'Agostino (Linda - Tunnel Cast, Crystal - Bridge Cast) is a sophomore involved in her fourth production at Xaverian Dramatics. In her previous shows, she has played Enid Hoopes in Legally Blonde, Kolekhov in You Can't Take It With You, and Mrs. Fezziwig in A Christmas Carol. Alexandra's very excited to be back playing such a fun and exciting character. She would like to thank her Xaverian Dramatics family for creating something beautiful in spite of the world being so horrible. She would also especially like to thank Mr. Randazzo and Mr. Santel for all of their effort and dedication to The Wedding Singer.

Julianna D’Onofrio '21 (Julia - Bridge Cast) is a senior at Xaverian High School. This is her 7th production with Xaverian. Previously, you may have seen her as The Enchantress (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast), Hermia (A Midsummer Night's Dream), Debora Sue (Bye Bye Birdie), Essie (You Can’t Take it With You), Pilar (Legally Blonde), and the Ghost of Christmas Past (A Christmas Carol). Outside of Dramatics, she is involved in Clippers Society, SADD, Book Club, and Campus Ministry. She would like to thank Ms. Cook for all of her help with vocals over the years and Annie for helping her with every dance move or costume alteration. She would also like to thank her family and friends for supporting her and coming to see every show. She would especially like to thank Mr. Randazzo and Mr. Santel for all they have done over the past four years, for never giving up on her, and for pushing her out of her comfort zone. She couldn’t have done it without them. She hopes you enjoy the show! Ducks fly together!!

Emily Encarnacion (Tina Turner Impersonator, Ensemble) is a freshman, and The Wedding Singer will be her first musical at Xaverian! Emily joined Dramatics at the start of freshman year and was part of the ensemble for the fall play, A Christmas Carol. Prior to attending Xaverian, Emily took part in her school’s drama program in Grease, The Pajama Game, Anything Goes, and Legally Blonde. Outside of performing, Emily enjoys shopping, writing, and spending time with friends and family. She would like to thank her family for their love and support.  Emily would also like to give a special thanks to Mr. Santel, Mr. Randazzo, Annie, and the cast and crew for making this an amazing show and providing such a great experience. Happy viewing! 

Samantha LoIacono '21 (Donatella, Billy Idol Impersonator, Ensemble) is a senior at Xaverian High School. Samantha is not shy to the stage! She has been a part of Disney's Beauty & the Beast (Ensemble), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck), Bye Bye Birdie (Ensemble), You Can’t Take it With You (Mr. De Pinna), and A Christmas Carol (Mrs. Cratchet). Outside of Dramatics, Samantha is a black belt in karate and is a member of the Chorus. She would like to give a huge shoutout to her family and friends for their infinite amount of support and applause. Enjoy the show!

Julia McLoughlin (Side Burns Lady, Ensemble) is a freshman at Xaverian High School and this is her first production with Xaverian Dramatics. Before this, she participated in several productions with her middle school. She wants to thank the whole cast, stage crew, Mr. Santel and Mr. Randazzo for making this such a fun and successful experience! 

Sabrina Oliveri (Ensemble, Dance Captain) is a junior and this is her second Xaverian Dramatics production. You may recognize her voice as Narrator #1 from A Christmas Carol. Sabrina is making her debut as a dance captain in this production. She’d like to thank the entire cast and crew of The Wedding Singer for making this show as great as possible. Enjoy! 

Emma Smollar (Ensemble) As a Freshman, Emma is happy to join her first musical production with Xaverian Dramatics. This past December, Emma was heard in Xaverian’s podcast A Christmas Carol. Other activities Emma enjoys are bike riding, swimming, and playing with her puppy. She would like to thank Mr. Santel, Mr. Randazzo, Annie, and the entire cast for making it a blast!

Martina Tamayo (Tiffany, Ensemble) is a sophomore at Xaverian. This is her second Xavierian production. She was previously in Legally Blonde. Martina enjoys singing and dancing and has been performing almost her whole life. When Martina is not on stage, she enjoys drawing, writing, playing guitar, and spending time with her family and friends. She can’t wait for you to see The Wedding Singer and is grateful that had the opportunity to be a part of such a fun production. She would like to thank everyone involved. 

Mr. Rob Randazzo '08 (Music Director, Sound Editor) is a faculty member in the Music Department (MAX), where he directs the Chorus, Harp Ensemble, and Genesis Bands. He is the moderator of the Composers' & Songwriters' Club, and is the Music Director for Xaverian Dramatics. This is his 14th production with Xaverian Dramatics. He would like to acknowledge the students in the Pit, Crew, and Cast for their tenacity and commitment to the performing arts, and he would like to thank Mr. Santel, Mr. Hendrick, Mrs. Ester, Ms. Cook, Ms. Medina, and Mr. Mace for being such a great team. 

Mr. Jason Santel (Director, Video Editor) is beyond proud to be a part of Xaverian Dramatics' landmark musical film. Mr. Santel is a member of Xaverian's English Department, and The Wedding Singer marks his 7th production and concludes his 4th year creating theater with Dramatics. He is eternally grateful for the hard work for our entire company of performers, directors, builders, technicians, and musicians, but he must single out the hard work and dedication of the senior cast members. "Sophia, Nicholas, Emma, Billy, Sam, Lauren, Alessia, Danny, Susanna, and
the Juliannas - I may never be able to fully express what it's meant to have you be such important parts of our last four years. We'll never have another team like you. I wish you the best of luck in the next chapter of your life. You deserve it all!" Enjoy the show!

Mrs. Annie Ester (Choreographer) is so thrilled she could be a part of this incredible show with this INCREDIBLE cast. Annie has had the privilege of choreographing Xaverian Dramatics’ Spring musicals Bye Bye Birdie (2019) and Legally Blonde (2020) and was excited to tackle the challenges that came with this pandemic performance. She is overwhelmed with gratitude for the cast and crew who gave so much of their time and abundant talent to make The Wedding Singer possible. She would like to thank Mr. Santel and Mr. Randazzo for their vision and for helping her rise to the occasion with choreography that would translate both over Zoom, in person, and now to your tvs at home. Thank you to all the graduating seniors for being such an amazing example of leadership, creativity, and talent - you will be missed. Now everybody…LINE DANCE FOLLOW ME! 

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